Lapin (rabbit) Mustard-Cumin sauce

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Lapin or (Rabbit) is a prepared meal from our Gourmet Entrees selection.

This Roasted Rabbit prepared meal is a delicious dish, consisting of one thigh and one leg of farmed raised rabbit. It comes with a saffron-scented risotto. more

Ingredients: 1Thigh, 1Leg of lapin or Rabbit, Honey, Dijon mustard, 35%cream, White wine, chicken stock, spices: cumin, salt, pepper.

nutrition Facts:Calories: 654  fat 35.1 gr 45% – saturated 10.5gr 52% – cholesterol 235mg 78% – sodium 630mgr 27% – carb 8.4gr 3% – fiber 0.8gr 3% – protein67.2

This dish comes with a saffron-scented risotto.

Wine Suggestion: Good with Pinot Noir , Cote du Rhône  or California Chardonnay.

Heating Instructions;  For best result, thaw in refrigerator overnight before heating.

Method 1Conventional oven: preheat oven to 350f or 175c. Remove the plastic lid of the container, and put in place a foil aluminum sheet. Place the container in the oven on the middle rack. Heat for approximately 35mn. 

Method 2: This container is Microwave oven compatible. Remove the plastic lid. Place the container in the oven and heat at medium temperature for approximately 5mn or until hot enough to your satisfaction.

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From our frozen meals Ottawa and Gatineau region service.

Lapin a la moutarde is a delicious main course meal for the busy gourmet! read more

NOTE: Lapin (rabbit) Mustard-Cumin sauce is a prepared meal sold frozen in vacuum bags. They are cooked fresh on an order to order basis. So please allow us a minimum of 48hours delivery time to your place from the time you order.

We will contact you for the time and day of the delivery. Most of our prepared meals are cooked using the so-called “slow, Sous-Vide method“. It is vacuum-sealed so as to make any meat or fish cooked perfectly even. Because of this method, the thermostatic controller makes it possible to use this Technic.

frozen meals ottawa


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