Saddle of Rabbit, Sauce of Champagne

Saddle of Rabbit, Sauce of Champagne: (saddle of rabbit) (râble de lapin) are boned saddle filets stuffed with wild mushrooms and cooked in a champagne creamy sauce.

We use the sous vide method with vacuum sealing to creates a piece of meat or fish cooked perfectly even. Essentially, the thermostatic controller make it possible for this Technic.

This prepared meal comes with a saffron scented risotto.

Ingredients: Boned saddle of rabbit, wild mushrooms, shallots, herbs, sparkling wine, chicken sauce, 35%cream, spices.

Wine Suggestion: Good with Pinot Noir , Cote du Rhône  or California Chardonnay

This is the perfect way of using the whole rabbit in one dish and can be served cold or hot.On a flat bench lay out a double run of cling film, lay out the parma ham making sure it is touching each other, then lay the boned out saddle fillet side up onto the Parma ham. Season with salt and pepper

In a bowl beat together the minced rabbit leg with the whole egg and season to taste then add the chopped truffle

In a sauté pan with a little oil, gently fry the chopped shallots, carrot, celery and mushroom until tender. Set aside to cool.

When cool mix the vegetables into the mince mixture then add the pistachio and chopped tarragon. Set aside to chill in the fridge

Place an equal amount of the mince mixture down the middle of the saddles, between the fillets

Using the cling film wrap the saddle and Parma ham around the mince, ensuring it is very tightly wrapped. Tie the cling film at both ends

Use a vacuum packer to seal the wrapped parcels in a pouch and cook the saddles in a preheated water bath at 62 degrees for 1 ½ hours, then chill in iced water

Wash the carrots and place in a pouch with the vinegar, sugar, thyme and a little salt.

Seal and cook sous vide at 80 degrees for 1 hour, then allow to chill

To serve, take the rabbit from the pouch and unwrap from the cling film, slice the ballotine into your required disc size, maybe 2 portions. Serve with the pickled carrots and a good aged balsamic vinegar

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