Milk Fed Veal Chop


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This Milk Fed Veal Chop is sure to please you, your family, and your friends. This dish is served with an herbs-garlic-mustard butter. 

This meal comes with a Risotto

Ingredients: milk-fed veal chop, Rosemary-Dijon-herbs Butter

Nutrition Facts:Calories 300,Fat 28.4gr g 36% – saturated 13.5gr 68% – cholesterol282mg 94% – sodium 232mgr 10% – carb 13.2gr 5% – fiber 2.1gr 7% – Protein 64.2gr

Heating Instructions; For best result, thaw in refrigerator overnight before heating.

PAN-FRY method:  Preheat the skillet with a thin layer of oil to medium-high. Add Veal chop and Cook 3-5 minutes on each side (or until golden brown. Serve with butter sauce and Saffron rice. (included)

Wine suggestion: Pinot Noir or Rosé


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A ready-made meals delivery food service.

Suggestion for serving: After heating the Veal, following the instructions, add a piece of the herbs butter onto the veal. This butter should be preferably soft but not melted. read more

 Ready-made meals delivery are cooked using the so-called “slow, Sous-Vide method“. It is vacuum-sealed so as to cook it perfectly even. Because of this method, the thermostatic controller makes it possible of using this Techni.

Ready-made meals delivery is sold frozen in vacuum bags but are cooked fresh on an order to order basis. So please allow us a minimum of 48hours delivery time to your place from the time you order. We will contact you for the time and day of the delivery. read more

A Ready-made meals delivery food service



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