Cassoulet is a rich, slow-cooked casserole dish. it is originating in the south of France. Named after its traditional cooking vessel, the cassole , which is used for cooking. 

Ingredients: Duck Leg, Pork belly, Pork Garlic Sausage, White Kidney Beans, Carrots, Spices. Tomato, chicken stock 

Nutrition Facts: Calories:Fat 12gr gr 10% – saturated 19gr 12% – cholesterol91mg 30% – sodium302mgr 13% – carb 27.3gr 10% – fiber 8.6gr 31% – Protein 37.1gr

Heating Instructions; For best result, thaw in refrigerator overnight before heating.

Method 1: Boiling water, place bag in a properly sized pot. Cover with cold water and bring to a low boil. Heat for 15-20mn. Remove bag carefully from water. Open bag from the top (using preferably a pair of scissors). Place the content of the bag on a plate and enjoy!

Method 2: The microwave oven, Open bag from the top (using preferably a pair of scissors )Place the content of the bag in a dish and heat approximately 3-5mn or until it is hot enough to your satisfaction.

Wine suggestions: Hearty Languedoc reds such as Minervois and Corbières. …Côtes du Roussillon. …Côtes du Rhône Villages. read more

A selection from take home meals gatineau



A selection from: take home meals gatineau

A delicious meal for the busy gourmet!

This French dish of white beans is baked with meats. it takes its name from its cooking pot, the cassole d’Issel.

Originating in Languedoc in southwest France, cassoulet was once simple farmhouse fare, but it has been elaborated into a rich and complex dish.

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